The great coat of arms of Ukraine. For or against?


We have already known that a big coat of arms may appear in Ukraine soon. The competitive selection ended quite interestingly, the winner was the author who developed the project 23 years ago.

The chairman of the competition jury, Andriy Grechylo, says that this time they chose the most successful work from those that were submitted. Anyone could apply for the participation. You could even submit works that participated in other competitions. As a result, 125 applications were received, and 13 of them after the reception. A total of 112 works. At the same time, there were children’s works there, drawn simply with ordinary pencils, and they were not conceived as professional ones, so such works could not win. Subsequently, projects that meet all the requirements were selected, 11 remained, and the winners were already selected.

The project of Oleksiy Kokhan, who represented it at competitions in 1997, won, but did Ukrainians prefer this big coat of arms as much as the jury?

The sketch of the Great Emblem quickly received a reaction from users of the network. Ukrposhta reacted the fastest and adapted the coat of arms for itself, briefly replacing the official photo.

There are many, even too many, critics of the coat of arms. Users call it outdated, cumbersome, and criticize the image of a Cossack, the socks of Archangel Michael, his presence in general, the genitals of a lion, and the need for such a competition, as well as the need for a large coat of arms of Ukraine in general.

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