The Mystery of Malevich’s ‘Black Square’

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Everyone knows and haunts Malevich’s ‘Black Square’ for many years. ‘Black Square’ is the most famous work of Kazimir Malevich, created in 1915.

This, of course, was a huge step into a new art ‒ the Suprematism avant-garde. In fact, there were several options for the ‘black square,’ or rather, four. They were all the development of one theme. Naturally, they differ from each other in shade, pattern, texture. Malevich, as an avant-garde artist, was an innovator and constantly experimented in painting. He always was original, and its square was a special perception of the world and an unusual expression of creativity.

He could place simple geometric shapes on a plane, in which anyone could see peasants in a field or something similar to human figures. It would seem that what could be simpler: a black square on a white background. Each of us can create such a work. But this picture is fraught with a mystery. The ‘Black Square’ still attracts scientists, artists and is a kind of symbol of the Russian avant-garde.

They say that Malevich’s painting is the result of complex work. Looking closely at the black square, perhaps everyone will see it differently. But the artist himself believed that the ‘Black Square’ is the pinnacle of everything, the masterpiece. He wrote many theoretical works, where he connected his work with cosmogony. In addition, when creating the ‘Black Square,’ the author did not use black at all.

Тoday this great work of art is a mystery to all mankind. Even the author himself spent a lot of time thinking about the created work, and, perhaps, only he understood the true meaning of the picture. For what perception and understanding the ‘Black Square’ was designed ‒ no one knows exactly.

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