‘The Shining’ by Stephen King

(Book Review)

A book about a young Torrens family consisting of 3 people: Jack Torrens, his wife Wendy and their five-year-old son Danny. Danny has a superpower in  a glow that allows him to read the thoughts of others and see and hear ghosts. Jack Torrens himself is a former teacher and writer who is expelled from school through drunkenness and beating of a student. Soon Jack is offered a job as a winter caretaker at the Overlook Mountain Hotel. He agrees and moves there with his family. But this hotel has a bad reputation and mysterious history, and that’s where the adventures of the Torrens family begin.

I like that this novel shows the power of our thoughts and the infinity of our fantasies. When you read a novel, you feel as if you are gettting into a mystical and magic world. As for the name of the book, it accurately reflects the main idea and design of the novel ‘The Shining’.

“Monsters are real. Ghosts are too. They live inside of us, and sometimes they win,” says the author and I completely agree. Based on this book, the horror movie was shot by film director   Stanley Kubrick in 1980. But I advise you to read the book first and then to watch this striking smash hit. In general, the plot is very emotional and keeps the reader in suspense until the very end.

This novel will be riveting for both men and women, but I do not recommend reading it to children under 12 years. Some scenes are too scary for their psyche. I rate ‘The Shining’ with  9 points out of 10.

25, September

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