(derailed fairy tale)

Once upon a time there was a charming little girl named Elsa. She was indescribably beautiful; her appearance impressed everyone who saw her. And one day the girl decided to go to her friend. That same day, she took her mother’s cakes, put on her red hat, and set off. Before leaving, the mother, as always, warned her daughter to be careful and avoid wolves, because “they all want to eat you, they can’t do more, don’t believe them.”

Leaving the house, on the way to her grandmother, she came across cousins — cute baby twins, whom she had not seen for a long time and was glad to meet. Bambi was very polite and friendly. They asked Elsa about her plans, life, relatives and looked into the basket. And suddenly they started grabbing cakes, snatching them almost forcibly. The girl was not confused, she knew what to do: she quickly got on the next path and ran away, holding basket tightly.

Then she met three famous chipmunks, who were famous for their singing skills. Elsa was fascinated by their talent, but suddenly they started rushing at the girl trying to pull out the cakes that attracted them so much. But Elsa pushed them away unexpectedly, using self-defense course skills she thought she would never need.

Tired and exhausted, Elsa dropped in the first house that was in her sight, managing just to catch her breath and to see the same wolf her mother constantly warned her against. The girl’s fatigue was so strong that running away was no longer an option. She was so exhausted that was ready to come to terms with any scenario. But strangely enough, the girl did not even have time to get nervous, as the wolf hospitably offered her tea and clean clothes. Their conversations were so exciting and the tea and cakes so tasty that they didn’t even notice how the night came. Elsa quickly gathered to her friend, and the wolf, like a real gentleman, escorted the girl. They agreed to meet each other again. Thus began the story of love forbidden by social canons…

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