‘The struggle for truth. How my uncle defeated a lie’ by Oksana Moroz

(book review)

The book debunks the myth that ordinary people cannot recognize lies in the media and social networks. Maybe, but for this you need to follow information hygiene. Simple rules that everyone is able to learn, regardless of age.

The main events take place from spring 2019 to summer 2020.

The book has two main characters. Uncle Ivan, a simple, intelligent hard worker who does not have time for information, and because of this constantly fills the buzz. He is a patriot, lives in Ukraine, but understands that everything is terrible in the country. He is a man of the Internet. He understands that everyone is manipulating, but he doesn’t know how. And his niece, who is just setting up a rake for such uncles, manipulating them through the media and social networks. She grew up on her uncle’s stories about Soviet propaganda and how people tried to resist it.

The book describes the turning point when the uncle is finally confused, and the niece decides to move to the other side of power. Instead of manipulating, she starts teaching ordinary people to resist these manipulations. At first, she tries to understand why Uncle Ivan, from a motherly fighter with the lie of advice, turns into a man who steps on all the rakes of populists, swindlers, creators of magic pills. She tells her uncle how information works in the digital world. How online media, television, Facebook, Viber, YouTube, Telegram work and manipulate. How can he defend himself and become a fighter again. Uncle studies honestly. He even takes patronage over his friend Nikolai. Together, they go through the financial pyramid and the coronavirus infodemia. They see how much information kills people. They know by example that there are effective and simple life hacks. Friends decide to teach fellow villagers to filter information. However, an unpleasant surprise awaits them here — people do not want it, they just want to live well.

And this obstacle is overcome by the heroes of the book, however, they have to sweat, but they find an approach to some acquaintances and teach them the information hygiene and the ABCs of resistance.

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