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The cuisine of each individual nation of the world is a separate culinary kingdom, which is extremely exciting to explore. Each nation of the globe has its own traditions, its own history and, of course, its own characteristics of national cuisine.

The national cuisine has centuries-old traditions that are valuable to everyone and have been kept secret in order to pass them from generation to generation. For example, in Italy you will not be told the real secret of making delicious pasta, the Chinese will not share the national recipe for snake meat or shark fin, and French cuisine, which has long been considered as the most aristocratic in the world, not to mention.

National cuisine highlights the features of culinary traditions and technologies acceptable to each country or nation.


Borsch. What could be better than a real Ukrainian borsch, cooked in a thick fat, which is served with fragrant donuts, garlic and lard?


Bigus is a traditional Polish dish consisting of stewed vegetables and meat. This dish is prepared from a variety of ingredients — fresh cabbage and sauerkraut, various types of meat and sausages, honey, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, cumin and other spices. Most often, bigus is served inside a loaf of bread.


Pepperoni pizza. The pizza got its name due to the main ingredient that distinguishes it from all other pizzas — hot peppers, which are included in salami. In Italy, it translates as “Pepe,” hence the “Pepperoni.” But in Italy, this pizza has another name “Pizza Diabola,” which means “Devil’s Pizza,” precisely because of its sharp taste.


Lecho or Lecs. It is a Hungarian vegetable dish that is also popular in many other countries (Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Austria, East Germany). There is no canonical recipe for lecho: not only in different regions, but also in different houses, this dish is prepared differently. The same ingredients in lecho are sweet pepper-paprika pods, tomatoes and onions. Most often, onions are fried, then add peppers, tomatoes and stew.

Czech Republic

Goulash soup. This soup is considered seasonal, it is served in the cold season. It is customary to serve very hot so that a person can better feel the aroma and warmth of the dish. The main ingredient is a large slice of beef.


Paella is a round frying pan on which rice with a small amount of water is prepared in a special way. The dish should turn out juicy and without the addition of broth, and the bottom of the rice should be slightly burnt. The traditional dish includes chicken, artichokes, snails, beans and rabbit.

All these dishes belong to my favorite ones and how about you? Could you share a recipe of something special?

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