“They need weapons here and now”: Moravetsky said Russia seeks to seize the third part of Ukraine

(opinion article)

In this gory time, Ukraine has reliable friends. One of them is Mateusz Morawiecki who called on the world to increase sanctions pressure on Russia.

The Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki expressed the opinion that Russian troops are quickly trying to seize a third of the territory in Ukraine, and Moscow will use this to strengthen its position in the negotiations.

The head of the Polish government told CNN about it.

“I see regrouping, reorganization of Russian troops. I think they will try to surround the Ukrainian forces soon enough – in particular in the Donbass. And then, capturing a third of the land in Ukraine, they will want to negotiate from this very strong position,” Moravetsky remarked.

In this context, he stressed that Ukraine’s allies need to continue to impose a devastating set of sanctions. Moscow is “afraid of long-term sanctions,” the politician said.

“We are in favor of confiscating their assets and are doing everything possible to stop buying Russian oil and gas,” the Polish Prime Minister added.

Despite the fact that the Western allies have already imposed tough sanctions against Russia, Moravetsky said that the price of the Russian ruble remains largely stable. So this is the proof that “at this point, Putin and his people have been able to change fiscal policy, monetary policy, fiscal policy so that they are somewhat immune to sanctions… at least for the next few months.”

“In the coming weeks and months, Russia is ready for this war. I am not sure whether the West, the United States, the European Union and NATO are so prepared. Our public opinion will be tired of this war,” he said.

Moravetsky also stressed that while “Ukrainians are at war with the lion’s heart,” the West urgently needs to increase arms supplies to the country, urging the United States to “act fast, please, act as fast as they do (Ukraine – ed.). Fight for our values, our universal values. ”

“We must help Ukrainians defend their country as soon as possible. Our days are their hours, our weeks are their days; they need weapons here and now. Russia is a big country, a big country with lots of goods, raw materials and resources. They have a big army. “Therefore, they can regroup and reorganize again and again,” said the Polish Prime Minister.

It could be recalled that on March 30, following a meeting with Moravetsky, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Poland was ready to provide the state with even more humanitarian, financial and political support.

What can I add? Just only one thing, Poland is the most reliable friend and partner of Ukraine nowadays. God save Ukraine!

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