Three Effective Ways To Never Get a Job

“If you hang around with losers, you become a loser!”
(Donald Trump)

Everyone, especially students, naturally wants to get a proper job. Get paid well, have a lot of free time, besides a high paid job and it needs to be not boring and turn really in your passion. But, to get one and to succeed, you need to pass through almost 55 interviews (The EU standard)… And what should you do in order not to get it? Or let me rephrase – what steps are to be done to turn into a job seeking looser?

Do not prepare a CV or an impressive portfolio. Needless to say, they need to believe you that you are cool and extremely qualified without any proof! Do not send anything at all – just call the recruiter by yourself!

Be rude. Behave like you already occupy this job! Do not ask any specific questions, do not answer these foolish questions like “What are your bad traits?” You are the best, Number 1, and you know it!

Talk about the salary. And only about it. It`s everything that interests you. Like, what else can be useful for you in this company at all?

Instantly follow this advice and you`ll never get a chance to have a new job!

Console yourself with a phrase, “Losers rule the world!”

P.S. Besides, don`t forget the tip from Donald Trump, “Hang around with losers!”

May  23,  2020

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