Tips for Office Cubs!


Dear readers!
I am convinced that you are reading these tips with an idea of good behavior in the office. That’s why I’ve prepared a selection of some rules for you.

A selection of tips for an office- fresher:
  • Always be late, because your morning coffee will not wait.
  • Don’t take a shower in the morning! Ecology is more important.
  • Never wash your things! Your natural smell cannot be confused!
  • Don’t immediately attract attention of your colleagues to your appearance. The main thing is that you are comfortable!
  • Don`t communicate with your office mates, nerds rule the world!
  • And of course, keep your workplace in a mess. A little dirty, but everything is at hand! A messy desk testifies to your talent!

Ouch! This is a list of tips for those who want to go on a long-awaited vacation. But I do not advise you to flatter yourself! After all, the exit from it is not guaranteed…

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