To Ban Cigarettes and Alcohol Advertising or Not To Ban? That Is The Question


My first reaction to this statement about alcohol and cigarette advertising was: Undoubtedly yes! To BAN! I completely agree that cigarettes and alcohol are dangerous products and that’s why advertising these products on TV and other resources is awful. It’s practically killing your health for your own money…Cigarettes — for your lungs and alcohol — for your liver and brains…But not about that now.

Thus, alcohol and tobacco advertising affects both children and adults. Even as a child, children think that a cigarette is cool and being drunk is fun. It is because of this influence that some people want a total ban on advertising alcohol and tobacco products.

Why advertising of these products should be banned? To stop the promotion of alcohol and tobacco. If we want to get a society without bad habits, a healthy society, on a global level, we need to stop advertising alcohol and tobacco, I think.

However, there is an opinion that such a ban on advertising will not be effective. Why? It will not deter people from smoking or drinking alcohol. A lot of people, especially young, like to risk and to go against the rules and laws, just to look tough or as a teen wolf…

In this case, only anti-advertising can help and be effective in the promoting a healthy lifestyle. That is why I propose to lauch a wide-scale campaign against alcohol and tobacco consumption and to popularize a healthy lifestyle, sports and fitness habits. Only then it will be possible to build up a healthy society.

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