To Meat or Not To Meat?

(opinion article)

I am on a meat diet! I see meat and eat it!”

Do you think the world would be a better place if people ate less meat? How much meat do you eat in your diet? Would you miss meat if you became a vegetarian?
What does a healthy lifestyle mean? Is your lifestyle healthy? What are the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle? What is a balanced diet? Why is it important to maintain a healthy diet?

This essay seeks to discuss the impact of people in relation to animals, a healthy lifestyle and its benefits, the importance of being vegetarian. Actually, speaking on this topic, it’s unreal to choose only one position and justify it.

The current debate about stopping killing animals and eating meat identifies an thought-provoking viewpoint affirming that we are bad people if we are not vegetarians. Frankly speaking, I thought about this topic a lot, but have not decided yet. I’ve tried to be a vegetarian several times but have had no success with it. I adore meat dishes and can’t imagine even a day without them. But that doesn’t mean I do not like animals. We must remember that meat is a great source of protein, and it provides lots of the nutrients our bodies need. Moreover, the red meat is recommended to be eaten every week as a part of a balanced diet. That’s why I have a question. If meat contains a lot of vitamins we need and avoiding it and being vegetarian is harmful for our health, I wonder whether it can be called a healthy lifestyle at all. It can be considered forever, but I will better abstain.

Another line of thought on this topic is what would happen if humans all stopped eating meat and using animal products entirely. Millions of people would die of starvation and horrible immune systems, and thousands of them would lose their jobs, everyone from farmers to fast-food workers. Millions of farm animals would go extinct. Furthermore,vegetable production will cause skyrocketing food prices. No one thought about it, but it’s a reality.

In contrast to evidence that presents the view that eating meat is not the worst thing we can do, being a vegetarian still has some benefits. For example, a vegetarian diet promotes bones health, lowers blood pressure, and reduces cancer risk.

To conclude, everyone has his or her own opinion and the right to make a choice. To condemn someone for eating meat is as unwise as to condemn vegetarians. I hope everyone will understand this one day, so I ask once again, “To meat or not to meat in MacDonald’s?”

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