TOP 10 Qualities for a Successful VIP

  1. A successful person looks for opportunities, an unsuccessful man – excuses and new obstacles. Let’s take this situation – lack of money. A successful individual will look for opportunities to earn money and how to manage chips; an unsuccessful man – the reasons why he cannot work in ‘this’ country.
  2. A successful person acts; an unsuccessful postpones action for later. A successful individual acts despite laziness, fear, and ignorance; an unsuccessful is constantly accumulating knowledge that he or she does not apply, all the time waiting for a favorable moment that never comes.
  3. A successful pro wants more than he or she currently has; an unsuccessful prefers to keep the status quo. “I can do it right here, right now,” is the internal dialogue of a successful person. “Tomorrow I might do it but not now,” is the internal dialogue of an unsuccessful fellow.
  4. A successful professional will fall and rise again; an unsuccessful is afraid to fall, to make a mistake, and if he falls, he or she no longer wants to rise. In biographies of famous people, you can often read about moments of serious losses and defeats. This is a kind of truth moment, the behavior in which determines a person’s success.
  5. A successful is self-motivated and an unsuccessful need motivation from the outside. As a rule, a successful person is motivated by excitement, the desire to meet a challenge, a genuine interest in the activity itself. An unsuccessful need to be constantly motivated by material benefits, the approval of others.
  6. A successful individual risks and an unsuccessful fears risk. Fortunately or unfortunately, life is unpredictable, and hard circumstances can interfere at any moment. A successful person understands this and steps into the unknown.
  7. A successful patient is ready to go long for his goal; an unsuccessful wants everything at once. One of the celebs said, “A genius is 1% of luck and 99% of hard work.”
  8. A successful individual is not afraid of failures. As T. Ferris once said, “A person’s life success is determined by the amount of ‘awkward conversations’ he has endured.”
  9. A successful man believes in himself and takes decisions independently. An unsuccessful believes in the words of a crowd and prefers to jump a bandwagon. A psychological experiment is illustrative in this sense: all the participants called the square a circle, and only one participant who did not know about the conspiracy stated the opposite. Most people who did not know about the plot, after a while, agreed with the general point of view.
  10. A successful person can look beyond the horizons. He or she follows the call of a great dream (American, Ukrainian, French), worthy of a goal in life. An unsuccessful pursues small goals. There are many stories where true success came to those who chose unattainable goals that far outstripped their choices at the time of choice. These people just leaped the abyss in two jumps. Everyone can become successful if they want and develop the necessary qualities.

So, never put off till tomorrow, never lower your sights, and keep in mind all these things. Besides, it is desirable to remember the eternal words of Winston Churchill, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue what counts.”

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