Top 5 places to eat in Kyiv

  1. Bali Bowl Café

At the restaurant on Velyka Vasylkivska Street, bowls – light dishes made from natural ingredients in deep plates – are the basis of the menu. In the cafe they say: this is the first establishment in Kyiv that specializes in bowls.

Bali Bowl Cafe was opened by four co-founders – Svitlana Musiy, Yaroslav Musiy, Kateryna Semergeeva and Oleksandr Kravchenko. “Our institution is run by two couples, we have democracy – we make all decisions together,” said the Bali Bowl Cafe. “Katya and Sasha are working on a tropical fruit delivery project Bali Fruit Box, so they were responsible for the concept and the menu. In turn, Yaroslav and I were responsible for organizing the processes in the institution,” adds Svitlana Musiy, former head of the Druzi Cafe network.

  1. Balmelli Casual Café

Balmelli Casual Cafe is located on Rognidynska Street near the Palace of Sports metro station. Balmelli Casual Cafe says it’s a rebranding from a “classic restaurant to a youth cafe.”

The space of the institution is divided into three different halls. The first one has a coffee shop with an alternative to coffee. The second has a Neapolitan wood-burning stove – here make pizzas with different fillings. The third wine hall: wine with cheese or meat plates is served here.

“Now everything will be as before, but in a new way.” It doesn’t matter if you are on a diet, want to create a sensation for your taste buds, love Ukrainian or oriental cuisine – the restaurant will not leave anyone indifferent and will feed everyone.

  1. Zigzag Café

Creating a new institution, the owners wanted to convey the spirit of Ukrainian avant-garde. The main task is to illustrate the unification of national culture and European style. Much attention is paid to the musical background. Only jazz sounds here.

There are two small halls in the room. In the center of the main – a massive bar. The brickwork of the walls was left intact, preserving the texture. Some of the furniture was brought from Berlin and Vienna. In a cozy corner, they put a piano, which is played in the evenings.

In the second hall, there are several tables. The perfect place for a leisurely lunch or business meeting.

A real pro-European place where you want to be alone with a glass of dry red wine and enjoy music.

  1. Gastrofamily Food Market

Gastrofamily Market is the first food hall of the Dmytro Borisov Family of Restaurants, which combines seven formats of a restaurant company in a two-storey building in Bessarabka. In total, the institution has about 500 seats. Meals are prepared in open kitchens. Orders are promised in three to five minutes.

“For the first seven or eight years, I developed the gastronomic culture of Ukraine with the help of formats opposite to those available on the market. Everyone made pizza, sushi, hookah, karaoke and burgers, but not with crab. And we made a modern restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine, the best Asian restaurant and so on. […] Today we are developing formats that are rapidly scaling up,” says Dmytro Borysov.

  1. Khlebniy

“Khlebniy” is a cafe with fresh pastries and coffee, which works on Velyka Vasylkivska every day. The main purpose of the bakery is the preparation of bakery products. In the front part of the room, a two-storey cafe with several dozen seats was opened.

“We naturally came up with this idea: we needed our bakery. In addition, we have an extraordinary baker Vladislav Marchuk. We worked together for about three years, so we decided that he deserved his bakery. He is a young man, but he is like a crazy professor: he is constantly sitting in the shop, constantly inventing something new,” says Alina Kosichkina, co-founder of the Khlebniy cafe.

Now the network has 9 cafes.

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