Trip For Santa’s Dream

(Christmas story)

Chapter 1 Act 1. One of the rooms in the orphanage Childhood.

“Dear Santa, I have been a good boy for all this year except the occasion with Mrs. Teams. I wasn’t guilty she had done a mistake in a sentence. But I’m writing not for boasting myself. I just want Santa’s wish to become true. Respectfully, Michael.”

Michael finished his laconic letter with a tangerine slice in mouth and a smile slice on his face. Swallowing mad loneliness, mixed with ever-throbbing warmth of a sole friend, was the only nice thing he could have in the orphanage. This guy tore off a lucky leave from the destiny tree because he had never had a family tree. Michael got a friend, fragile girl Santa with curly fair hair and no less curly fair thoughts. Santa dreamt about someone she could call, “Mum and Dad.” Michael couldn’t bear how older ragamuffins treated his female friend so he was able to sell the last piece of his sufferings-torn soul for the sparkle of happiness for Santa. Just to help his so dear and so sweet Santa. His entire hope was divided between the words in the letter above.

Act 2. One of the rooms in Santa Claus’s residence.

“Why does nobody worry about me? I have dreams too… Why can I create happiness from dust for any person, however my own wishes can’t be materialized in dust?” — the old man with a cloud beard and round belly was dressed in the eternal red garb and just tried on the emotion of disappointment. Tiny elves were running back and forth in the bustle of gift wrapping while Santa’s mood was running back and forth in the hustle of his own questions. He looked like a strawberry among small green leaves swayed by wind. Suddenly Santa’s assistant, chief elf Elfis, came with an unusual letter. “I just want Santa’s wish to become true…” The man’s belly started to shake because of the laugh and tears of happiness. Somebody wanted his wish to become true!

Act 3. Christmas in the orphanage ‘Childhood.’

“Merry Christmas!” Michael screamed pouring out a kilogram of tangerines and all well-known Christmas wishes on sleeping Santa. “It will be the best day in your life!” The friend sounded so earnest that girl’s curly head was soaked with the expectations of a miracle. After breakfast, nasty children from the next room showered poor Santa with her tangerine (they took it while she was eating her omelet) and shouted, “Come back to our strange green gnomes in the unreal cold snow place! Santa started crying but violent neighbors only choked with laughter.

“I didn’t want that surprise! It was terrible!”

“I didn’t want it too… I’m so sorry… “ Michael tenderly hugged his friend.

“The worse Christmas in my life!”

“I wrote a letter to Santa! I asked him to realize your dream about parents.”

“Santa isn’t real! He can’t find a family for me! It’s all just child fairy tales…” — after all sufferings, the girl started to doubt in her own existence. “Maybe, I am just a toy for the mockery?”

“No! I… I can’t let it be that way… Something is wrong,” — Michael’s ideas were lining up in a row as soldiers in an army.

“I’m wrong!”

“Shhh… Don’t cry. I have a plan,” Michael tried to calm down the girl.

“What plan?”

“We have to find Santa and figure out what happened!”

“But how will we do it?” the girl looked puzzled.

“Trust me. We’ll take what we deserve!” It seemed that Michael was created from confidence and purposefulness instead of flesh and bones. So Santa trusted him.

Act 4. Christmas in Santa Claus’s residence.

“So unbelievable! So amazing! So incredible!” The old man was dancing in his swim shorts imagining himself on some elusive infinity beach with unbridled blue-eyed waves. He always wanted to spend winter holidays on a sunny sea resort with shy ocean flirting. Suddenly Elfis came with unusual news, “Some children require a meeting with Santa…”

What happened later? Read in the next chapter.

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