Two Lines of One Theme

(the war essay)

“Heeeey how are u doing?”

“We’ve been bombed again…”

“Listen, let’s not talk about the war. I’m already at the limit. Constantly these explosions, equipment, cellars.”

“You’re not even in Ukraine.”

“So what? I read the news. I see Instagram posts. I watch recommendations in TikTok. I know everything.”

“If you know everything, then why are you asking how I am?”

“Because I’m worried.”

“Do you think I’m not worried?”

“Why should you worry? You are in the basement.”

“Ahh. Sure. How could I forget? Then I won’t worry.”

“Yesterday I met such a beautiful tourist on the beach. Pumped up, expressive eyes and a sharp look like Zac Efron. At first I thought it was him.”

“Did you hang out?”

“Yes, he treated me to a cocktail. In the evening we agreed to go to a disco together. By the way, if you suddenly feel really bad at heart, try peach vodka.”

“There is no alcohol.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s prohibited during the martial law. Bread is not always on the shelves. And I can’t find eggs or butter sometime.”

“That’s a pity. We’ve got loads of food here. Cakes, seafood, barbecue. And on the bar there are author’s longs. Can you imagine it?”

“Now I can only imagine.”

“Oh, just don’t whine, please. Do you think I’m perfect here? I actually burned out while sunbathing. It was impossible to sleep on back.”

“Have you tried not sleeping at all?”

“How is that?”

“Usually. As soon as you fall asleep — and a siren shouts immediately. Then you can’t sleep all night.”

“No, I can only stay awake if I hang out at the club. When I arrive, we’ll go with you to the club where Mark and I got drunk and got into a fight with some girl. How is Mark by the way?”

“Stands in the territorial defense. And we won’t go to that club anymore.”


“It was bombed.”

“Damn… Mark made the right decision by the way. Good luck to him. Are you helping the country in any way? Or is it better not to climb out of the basement?”

“Yes, I send money to the army.”

“That’s all?”

“What have you done for the country? Dumped into the beach at Egypt?”

“What the hell? Why are you so dark?”

“Sorry. I’m just hungry and overwhelmed.”

“So eat something.”

“Little stock left.”

“Go somewhere.”

“Nothing works in town.”

“God, what a nightmare. Thank God there are a lot of restaurants here. I wouldn’t have survived without pizza and pasta.”

“If you knew how much I want pasta…”

“Oh God, I asked you not to whine. My head is spinning from this whole situation.”

“I have to go. We have a siren.”

“OK. I’m going on a date soon so gotta go too.”

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