Two Queens

(ironic story)

Gorgeous evening, juicy sweets, the new season of the’Crown.’ The story of the life of Queen Elizabeth II continues, more and more dramatic plot twists are added, and even the new series are played not by Claire Foy, but by Olivia Colman.

After syrupy sweets, I always want to drink, so I go to the kitchen for a glass of water, but on the way to it I pass the living room, where my grandfather watches the movie ‘Hyde Park on the Hudson.’ I notice a familiar face, I look closely, and there is Olivia Colman… She plays Queen Elizabeth, the wife of King George VI, who … is the father of Elizabeth II. Well, it seems Olivia Colman has become a mother to herself. This time loop miracle puzzles my brains…What came first, the chicken or the egg, the eggchick or the chickegg? In any case I like both of them…Yeah…

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