Ukrainian Celeb – Dmitry Gordon

(human interest feature)

Dmitry Gordon is a Ukrainian journalist and TV presenter, owner of the Gordon Boulevard newspaper, founder of the television and Internet projects ‘Visiting Dmitry Gordon’ and ‘GORDON,’ the popularity of which is confirmed by millions of views of his YouTube channels and two Golden YouTube buttons.

The heroes of the journalist’s programs were over a thousand famous persons: politicians and artists, athletes and artists, public figures and writers.

After graduating from university, Gordon immediately went to work at the editorial office of ‘Vecherny Kyiv.’ The fact was that during his studies at a technical university, Dmitry actively published his opinion articles in the most popular Kyiv newspapers, including ‘Evening Kiev.’

After working for several years, first in ‘Vecherny Kyiv,’ then in ‘Kievskiye Vedomosti’ and ‘Vseukrainskiye Vedomosti,’ the journalist ventured to found his own publication – the weekly newspaper ‘Bulvar’ (published since 1995). Ten years later, the most read and sold newspaper got known as ‘Gordon Boulevard.’ Its circulation was six hundred thousand copies and was distributed not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia, the USA, Canada, and other countries with a large Ukrainian-Russian diaspora. In 2019, Gordon resigned as editor-in-chief, but the newspaper continues to be published.

In parallel with work on a print project, Dmitry was building a television career. The program ‘Visiting Dmitry Gordon’ attracted a large audience on TV screens, since the journalist did interviews with famous people beautifully and talentedly. His manner of conducting a conversation sincerely and interestedly attracted famous politicians, athletes, artists, opened up to the audience in a completely new way.

Gordon also wanted to try his hand at politics. He won the elections to the Kyiv City Council in 2014. In 2015, he was again elected as a deputy. But after the meeting devoted to renaming Moskovsky Prospekt into Stepan Bandera Avenue in Kyiv, Gordon left politics. He was the only one who voted against such a decision.

In 2015, the program ‘Visiting Dmitry Gordon’ was closed. The reason for this was an interview with the ex-head of the Ukrainian capital Leonid Chernovetsky, who did not like the owners of the channel. Dmitry transferred the project format on YouTube and continued to work.

Dmitry has seven discs with songs performed by him, eight clips in duets with such celebrities as Valery Leontyev and Alexander Rosenbaum, Tamara Gverdtsiteli and Natalya Mogilevskaya, Ruslana Pisanka and Natalya Buchinskaya. In total, he has recorded over sixty songs.

Recently, Dmitry has begun to develop a new weekly project on the YouTube channel ‘Gordon on Thursdays,’ where he answers questions from viewers live and expresses his position on everything that happens in the world.

What are the ingredients of his success? We look forward to your feedback!

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