Nikolai Gogol, the most mystical Ukrainian writer, influenced several generations of authors. You can find it all out from schoolbooks and encyclopedias, whereas we tried and drew parallels between the characters of Gogol’s works and those of popular TV series. Why? Probably, to encourage you to re-read the classics and have a literary discussion with us.

Blacksmith Vakula «Christmas Eve» = Jaime Lannister «Game of Thrones»

Love is a powerful thing that can make one do a lot of unusual things. For example, find the devil and take a ride on him to get some specific shoes from the empress. Or throw a boy off of a high tower, kill hundreds of good people and lose a hand. Oh, those women!

Ivan Khlestakov «The Government Inspector» = Frank Gallagher «Shameless»

«Only two things will be left roaming the earth after the next apocalypse: cockroaches and Frank Gallagher», Chicago doctors claim. That’s only because they do not know Ivan Khlestakov, a man who is deep in debt and drunkenness, not preventing him from fooling all the elite of the provincial town, convinced that he is a powerful official from the capital.

Akaky Bashmachkin «The Overcoat» = Walter White «Breaking Bad»

The life of a poor employee is full of sadness. People around pay no attention to him, and a modest salary makes him literally save on everything. Ascetic way of life allows Bashmachkin to raise money on a cloth to have a new overcoat made. But hardly did he have time to enjoy his success, the dear thing was taken away from him. After that, he caught a cold and died. Too bad methamphetamine was discovered after Gogol’s death.

Taras Bulba «Taras Bulba» = Ragnar Lothbrok «Vikings»

Both the Cossacks and the Vikings love fights more than anything else in this world. Wives, children, households — those are all very nice, but they definitely take a back seat when there is a chance to take up a sword or a saber and chop the enemies. Honor, revenge, and courage — these are the things that will take you straight to paradise or Valhalla. Both our heroes were quite successful in this respect. Mortal Kombat!

Soloha «Christmas Eve» = Claire Underwood «House of Cards»

You need to be a very strong woman to mislead a crowd of men and seduce the devil himself, who, by the way, in both cases ends up being out of business. In the first story, he is used as a vehicle; and in the second one, he is accused of harassment and detained. Very bad luck.

Grandfather «The Lost Letter» = Rustin Cohle «True Detective»

To find the lost, the character rushes to the real hell. It’s dangerous, challenging, but in the end, it’s worth it. The letter is sent to the queen, and the pedophile case is solved. But the devilish signs will pursue both guys all their lives. Everything comes at a price.

Levko «May Night, or the Drowned Maiden» = Pablo Escobar «Narcos»

Levko-Pablo has problems: he messed with politicians, and they announced a hunt for him. To save himself, he has to escape into the wilderness. Levko is helped out by a drowned maiden, whom he assists in getting rid of an unwanted person. Pablo is saved by money from the sale of drugs. But not for long.

Petrus «St. John’s Eve» = Mia Nolan «Black mirror. Crocodile»

Our memory is a black wigwam. There are things that you just need to forget, but your memory wouldn’t let you. Petrus conquered Pidorka’s heart, earned some devil money, and now constantly sees the ghost of his son-in-law Ivas, whom he killed. So he goes crazy and turns into a pile of ash. Mia doesn’t lose her mind, but with the help of a new device capable of displaying memories, she accidentally shows a murder she participated in to an insurance agent, after which she kills the agent, her husband, and child. And she is sent to jail because of a guinea pig. Gogol never dreamed of such a story.

Katerina «A Terrible Vengeance» = Laura Palmer «Twin Peaks»

A young and attractive girl is in mortal danger. Her father, obsessed with an evil spirit, forces her into sexual intimacy. Danilo-Jake, who is in love with the girl, tries to save her. But everything has been already decided by a higher power. Katerina dies. Next comes the turn of her father. The chronology of «Taras Bulba» is preserved.

Ilia Khomych Kochkaryov «Marriage» = Walder Frey «Game of Thrones»

A masterful wedding organizer. The first one chases away all Agafya Tikhonovna’s admirers and drives his friend to the state when he jumps out of the window. The second one kills all the Starks at the wedding, including the main contender to the Iron Throne. Do not repeat the mistakes of others, do everything yourself.

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