Wee Weak Witch

(children`s story)

Once upon a time, a little girl lived in a tiny Ukrainian village. She was small even for her age, quiet and melancholic. She did not like to talk much – she never ever tried to tell a long story. Her mother, old witch Karen was terrified of how quiet her child was. She tried to teach her to speak loudly and to sound sure. Small girl, Ezra, didn`t want to do it. Her mother tried to find a teacher who could make her daughter speak loudly and self-confidently. Karen`s mother was a witch too. And Grandmother was. And Grand Grandmother too. And all of them knew that the tongue of a witch needed to be longer than anyone`s else.

“Ezra, you will be a witch! You are so good at witchcraft, but you`ll never have customers if you can`t talk to them! If you can’t cast spells confidently! If you can`t convince them to buy something from you! You`ll never have any clients! Don`t be Wee Weak Witch! Be Wicked Vivid Witch!” Her teacher did not know what to do. Ezra did not want to talk; she could not do it by her nature. The small girl just sadly smiled and responded,

“When did I say that I wanted to be a witch?

Moral: your children are not you. Ask them what they want.

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