Welcome to Poltava Witches! I mean Museums!

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Poltava is a magnificent and, at the same time, mysterious city located in the northeast of Ukraine. In its counties fly fatal devils and flimsy evil spirits, according to the stories of Nikolai Gogol. Some people have seen hilarious mermaids swimming in the Vorskla waters. Here from morning till night the local peeps eat galushki, drink mead (medovukha) and mold pottery from clay. Hey! Have you already got interested? Then let’s find out where to go in Poltava to have fun or…horripilation.

If you love Ukrainian literature and belong to the buffs of ‘Aeneid,’ while being in Poltava, you should go to the museum-estate of Ivan Kotlyarevsky. You will be able to walk through his rooms, learn his life story from the guide, and get acquainted with his lunch dishes. The opening hours and the detailed information can be found out on the site. Not far from the Kotlyarevsky Museum, you can see a wonderful view of the city from the mountain and a Memorial Sign to the Poltava galushka. Big galushka stands right in the middle of the city!

If you prefer the work of Panas Myrny, I suggest visiting his museum in Poltava. It’s a phenomenal place. It is the house where all the furniture things are original and arranged exactly as in the life of Panas Mirny. Good guides, friendly staff.

If you are a fan of fascinating views, you can go to the White Arbor. The fancy view from it is beautiful during the day and night. Nearby there is a Christian temple and many folk style and chic cafes.

If you visit the Poltava region at the end of August, then you should definitely go to the Sorochynsk Fair. There you will see Ukrainian dances, hear national songs, taste a lot of delicious food, meet Gogol’s characters and have a great time.

And on your way home, don’t forget to stop in Dikanka, a dark den of local witches…Ouch!

Have a good rest!

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