What are the components of internal potential?

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First, it is all kinds of health. Both physical and mental, mental, personal and psychological. Yes, yes, these are all different kinds! Physical health is about your body condition. Mental says about the ability to be adequate and the ability to adapt to the environment, the functioning of the psyche, the ability to think, I remember, and so on. Mental health is about inner state, openness to people, ability to rejoice and live in a high emotional tone. Personality is about the state of a person as a person, about successful personal growth and self-realization. Let`s look at the successful interaction of all types of health from a psychological point of view.

Analyze each kind of your health. Are there any unresolved issues that bother you? Perhaps it is some trifle, a hidden internal unit associated with one of the types of health, do not allow to open up potential. It can be anything: from a constantly aching tooth or skin condition to an internal alarm state or unfulfilled desires. Try to solve the exciting question and see how it will be easier.

The second component of the inner potential is the semantic content of life. Every person needs to understand why he or she  exists in this world. The semantic content is shaped by your interests and incentives to live, develop, your life meaning, your favorite work, your environment. Take a notebook and write out for yourself (sincerely and honestly!) The following items:

– What are your interests in life? From thoughts about what you get warm and a little exciting inside? What are you ready to sit for hours and even nights? It is possible that now you do not do this business or rarely come across it. For example, you have goosebumps when you imagine playing in a movie or singing on stage, or you can spend hours puzzling or sitting at a sewing machine, or maybe you like to chat with new people, cook, go hiking, learn new countries? Write out by priority. And try during the week to devote time to at least three of their interests.

-What are the meanings of your life? Answer yourself the question: what do you live for and what do you create for yourself, for this world, for your environment? Highlight your personal insights. They will help you most clearly realize your inner potential.

-What are your principles? Think about the rules you live by. Write out what is acceptable for you and what is unacceptable. Perhaps you follow the rule of honesty and select only such people. Or the reliability of the people around is important to you. Or maybe you think that sometimes you can be lazy if your body requires it. Write out all the details, do not hesitate.

Make your personal list of questions to yourself for which you still do not know the answer. It could be: “Who am I?”, “What do I want to do in life?”, “Where am I going?”, “What kind of people do I want to see next?”. And every day try to answer them yourself. You will create your own clarity of life, with which it will be much easier to make decisions and live consciously every day.

And the third component of your inner potential is general and emotional intelligence. General intelligence is the ability to understand what is happening, to use opportunities and effectively solve life tasks. Intellect together with knowledge and personal experience is called – this is the mind. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand emotions, use your emotions to solve problems related to relationships and motivation. Over the development of intelligence, you need to constantly work and train it.

These three components of the internal potential form indicators that are manifested externally. This is your inner culture, inner freedom, voluntary responsibility, love for people and the world, skills and life strategy, your vision of perspectives.

That is, by developing the components of inner potential, you work on a large range of your qualities, an understanding of the world and yourself in it, and on personal self-realization.

Opening the inner potential, you open up your new opportunities. A person who is working on his inner potential is able to create his life on the basis of his desires: to do his favorite work and career with ease, to build harmonious trusting relationships, to be realized and live every day richly and gratefully.

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