What is better: sweets or sausages?

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How to set yourself up for proper nutrition? Ideally, you should do this gradually. So it will be easier for you, less stress for the body, and less likely that on the second day in general, the PP will go to hell. Gradually – how is it? That is, in the first week you need to abandon the worst: chips, crackers, sausages, sauces, fast food, other beer. A week later, remove sweets, pastries, sugar, and all products that contain it (yogurts with additives, rolls, curd masses, sweets, cakes).

Then you should learn how to cook dishes. Stop frying in oil, and give preference to stewed or baked dishes. You can also steam. You can fry in a dry non-stick pan or with a minimum amount of coconut oil. Remove soda from the diet. Especially sweet and colored drinks. If you drink juice it must be freshly squeezed. It is also better to refuse carbonated mineral water. Set the water regime. It is important! Not 1 cup per day. And 30-40 ml of pure water (this is not tea, not stewed fruit and not coffee!) Per 1 kg of weight. That is, for my 50 kg you need 2 liters of water.

What about alcohol? You can leave white / red dry wine. But only if it is a good wine, and only if a little (200 ml at a time). An overdose of alcohol threatens with loss of appetite control. Have a drink? Why not? Though, keep yourself in control.

Yes, proper nutrition is easy. And it suits to any wallet! Yesterday, the subscriber answered my story, where I cooked broccoli and redfish, that PP is expensive. Really? But aren’t sausage and sauces expensive? And aren’t sweets and cookies for tea expensive? Aren’t Nutella for bread expensive? Aren’t potato fried in liters of oil expensive? What about Fragolino for dinner to the rolls … ??? There can be nothing cheaper than proper nutrition, believe me. If one can afford to have dinner every day with redfish cutlets in almond flakes with dor blue sauce…

Then the second budget is smaller, and he dines with baked hake and salad, or an omelet with vegetables. That will be 5 times cheaper. But the first and second options relate to proper nutrition. Everyone just eats that his wallet allows. The first dessert has a fruit salad with mangoes, the second has baked apples. If you wish, you can always build your diet as diverse as possible, not expensive and at the same time useful and healthy! And let me prepare you one of these days for a post with inexpensive options for meals about? And you will see that proper nutrition is not expensive.

So, did you catch my idea? I mean, what is better: sausages or sweets?

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