What to Wear for Your Next At-Home Workout

This lockdown can be so painful for those who had workout goals and resolutions but thanks to the internet and social media, this lockdown should not stop us from getting fit right at home. Through all the workout videos and live streaming services, you can bring your favorite instructor and boutique fitness studios into your own home.

But, it is totally a different vibe at home when compared to the gym, don’t you think? Backpacks with a bundle of books as dumbbells and your home carpet as your yoga mat give a whole different vibe. Whatever may be the alternative, you would always need motivation to workout at home. Wearing your favorite pajamas and that old tee will only want you to take a nap. Wearing the kind of active wear might just boost your motivation for working out.

Whatever your at-home workout choice might be, here’s a handful of the best workout clothes we think, that you can wear for your home workout sessions.

1. Running

So you are practicing to be chased by a dog? Just Kidding! Running is actually a great way to burn calories, indeed it’s a very low-budget yet effective workout at home. All you need is a pair of running shorts and an active wear tee and you are done. Also, avoid wearing layers of clothing this might resist your skin from breathing. You call always pair a sportive bra with a pair of shorts and plug in your favorite song. That’s it! Don’t forget to put on your shoes for the extra grip and prevent yourself from falling face-first on that marbled floor.

2. High-Intensity Workout

Now for something like this, you might be wondering what is the best way to style your active wear. One good thing is you don’t have to worry about someone looking at your outfit like at any random gym. You would probably work out at home, so anything comfortable is a smart pick. You just need to ensure you wear a high-support bra and pair it with high-waist track pants and runners.

3. Yoga and Core Work

The first thing concerns you is, your yoga mat. If you already have one that’s great but if you don’t, then you can always use the carpet or any basic mat from your home. You may be more comfortable wearing clothes that are breathable, fits well and will wick the sweat away from your body. Say T-shirts, tank tops, sports bras, yoga pants anything would go well. Avoid wearing super-loose clothes that topple over your head while you do your asanas.

4. Pilates and Low Impact

If you are someone who’s already done Pilates, then I don’t need to remind you that there are many exercises in Pilates where you are lying down and your legs are moving above you, so you don’t want the casual wear loose shorts to ride up. Try to keep it simple, wear capris or leggings with a tank top. As for the footwear, go with comfort, if you are comfortable with barefoot well and good if not, wear stockings for an added grip.

5. Zumba and Dancing

Sure, if you are someone who’s obsessed with dancing, nobody can stop you not even this lockdown. You can totally wear anything which makes you feel comfortable. Well, for a matter of fact, try to wear causal clothes cause you don’t want to get your favorite clothes with sweat. But keep your girlies supported in a medium impact sports bra. We also suggest you wear sneakers that support your dance moment, at least this way you can actually get to wear your favorite sport shoes. Also, don’t forget to post videos on the gram let people know how wonderfully you are winking!

April 15, 2021

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