While getting ‘gorgeous’ Christmas gifts don`t get disappointed!

In my deep childhood, I was a typical Christmas-waiting kid. I used to write verbose letters to Santa diligently, without any mistakes and rewrite them until they become readable. Mom, in her turn, bought as many postage stamps as I could stick on. Next morning, when my elder sister carried me to school, with incredible childish joy, I threw my Christmas letter in a postbox (by the way there was only one postbox in my native town, so you could just imagine how it was overloaded with children’s dreams). I was no exception and like other kids, I believed that all dreams come true at the Christmas night.

Does somebody want to know for what present I asked ‘Dear Santa’ that time? Of course, my desire was a remote-controlled machine. Wait. Wait. Wait. I know your next question, “Why did you want a so strange present for a five-year girl?”

You should know that my father all his life had been dreaming about a son, but as you could notice, my elder sister and I did not live up to his expectations. That is why my behavior and hobbies, my desires and dreams, were as similar to boyish as possible. Dad had been growing me up like a real boy.

Something inexplicable happened on that New Year: when my parents returned from the city, they gave me the present box before the upcoming New Year right in the evening. I was shocked, “Why Santa did not want to give me it personally? Why did the Christmas box have so small size? Why did not he show his sleigh with reindeers?” So many questions without any answers… Mom explained to me the situation. She said that they had met Santa at the toy store. He was surprised and said that a remote-controlled machine was not a suitable gift for a little girl, so he resolved to present me a Barbie doll. Do you imagine my disappointment, Barbie doll instead of a remote-controlled car? What was I to do with her? What car should I use to drive her around?

As you could understand since that Christmas, I have stopped to believe in Santa Claus and I have stopped clogging the postbox with the tear jacking letters. It was my first life lesson, which found out to me the most important truth, which I have been still following: No expectations — no disappointments!

P.S. However, in spite of everything I wish you a Merry Christmas! While getting many ‘gorgeously glittering gifts’ don`t get disappointed! Next morning stand up and go…to exchange them!

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