Why are tattoos in style and what do they express?

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Nowadays it’s really easy to find one person in the entourage of everyone’s friends who has at least one small tattoo or is interested to get it. That is caused by a great popularity tattoos got at last time, especially among teenagers and youth. What are the reasons of becoming tattoo-lovers? Let’s check!

You know several hundred years ago tattoos used to be signed to some prisoners or people associated with crime. It was like a mark, that mentioned the person’s second-rate.

Oppositely today, it demonstrates some fearlessness to leave any symbol, picture or words on your body forever. It’s cool among teens’ society and young people who need some self-expression. It’s so popular among men, especially creative ones or informals, I mean free spirits or mavericks.

However, people who have got a tattoo usually become unstoppable in such their passion and can’t stop doing it again and again. To my mind it’s a little bit dangerous because your body can turn into painted canvas not saving it’s original cleanliness. Moreover, it can be dangerous for your health if you let an unprofessional master to make it. But one-two small pretty tattoos made by a specialist are attractive additions to your personality, aren’t they?

The next thing, tattoos are popular because of the meaning you put into it. Sometimes it can be a philosophical or just inspiring quote, which really motivates you, which means for you something that helps you to climb life mountains and achieve all its tops. It also can be any sign, a pretty picture, colorful or just black and white, even a portrait of somebody you adore! You know, nowadays it’s hard to surprise somebody with a tattoo’s presence on your body; it’s easier to amaze one with its likeness and originality.

With every new day more and more people are doing various tattoos, now it’s like a trend. But it’s impossible to predict the future of such tattoo-passion: it can both go out of fashion as fast as it came and stay in trends for long years.

Anyway, tattoos will exist as they were known from the only beginning of human development and always had not only manner, but a matter as well.

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