Wrinkled Witch and Fortunate Fellow


Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Harry. He had everything other children could only dream of, but he was very greedy. One day he was walking in the woods and was met by a gray-haired meager grandmother. She approached him and said:

“My son, you don’t have a crumb of bread, do you? I’m so hungry.”

“I have bread, but I wouldn’t share it with you. If I share it with you, what will I eat myself?” The boy stomped his foot.

“Boy,” she said confusedly. “You have a whole loaf of bread…”

“And what? This is my bread, and…I’m not going to give it to anyone like you.”

“Someone like me?” The wrinkled woman frowned wistfully.

“Weak, vile and vagabond.”

After these words, the old women turned into a beautiful girl and turned the boy into a fortuneless and flat broke fella, saying:

“You will be cursed for your greed until you learn to share with someone.”

And after a few days, the boy realized how important it was to be compassionate and do good.

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