Wrong Rescuer

You never know what might happen to you tomorrow. And I did not know that I would get a normal trip to the local beach.

It was a hot summer day. Sofia and I decided to go to the river to swim and toast a little… There were a lot of people on the beach. We lay on the bedspread and talked about our girlish tricks. In an instant I noticed a little boy screaming and splashing in the water, but not from happiness, but because he was drowning. As soon as I realized this, I fell silent, and a few seconds later I cried out and ran to his aid.

Rushing to him first, I began to pull him out, but later I noticed that he was pushing me away. As it turned out, he and his friends were just playing professional rescuers, and he was a drowning man.

Of course, I was shocked by such silly games. However, those guys laughed at me too. After all, I turned out to be the best rescuer by the standards of their game.

At the same time, such a severe, but side-splitting for others, adventure happened to me.Unfortunately, these kids don`t know that a little lie could generate a big distrust…

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