You’re In The Right Place


You’re in the right place at the right time, and you care enough to do what needs to be done.
– Erin Morgenstern

Many people who have been forced to leave Ukraine blame themselves for this. They grieve for their relatives, friends, for their native places where they grew up and lived. They are crying for those who are no more… And again they blame themselves for running away…

My words may be very banal, but I will say that you should not torment yourself because of this. There is no need to add more suffering at this murky time. It’s okay to worry about others, but would anything change if you were here? If you have had the opportunity to move to a safe place and you have moved, you do not need to regret it. Yes, you left a lot, but maybe you saved your life. You have the real pleasure of seeing a peaceful sky and not hearing sirens, so cherish this chance. And pray for us…

We do not condemn those who have left or stayed, because this is our common pain, our common grief. We appreciate your support… we smile when you ask “how are you?” You help us a lot: finances for the army and war victims, volunteer help or just a kind word… Even if you say you can’t help it, you can always pray for all of us. God helps.

We are all in the right place. Where we need to be… Where we are needed… Where we can help with something… Believe in it and do what you can. And do not lose hope…

Time will pass and all of us will meet each other in free Ukraine. Then this will be the right place for us. I believe that such a moment will come. But today, although there are many kilometers between us, we will say together in our prayer, “God bless Ukraine.”

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