‘Yummy’ Gift

(Ironic story)

One day my friends decided to give me a pleasant surprise on Journalist’s Day. I, in turn, even forgot about this day. As usual, I was going for a walk with them. My friend Eva called me and her mood was actually superb. In a cheerful voice, she told me to go to them more slowly. I was a little surprised because she didn’t like when I was late for an outing. On the way to the park I met another friend. He smiled mysteriously and asked how I was.

We approached the entrance to the park. I saw the girls on the bench, but they didn’t even get up to say hello. As I got closer, I was a little scared when everyone suddenly shouted “Happy Journalist’s Day!” and Eva took a cute box with a yellow bow from the package. I happily opened it and saw my favorite food there! There was chocolate, a jar of pickled peaches and … a jar of peas.

In fact, I hate peas. Eva forgot about it again…

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