Ukrainian Live Classic

Ukrainian Live Classic — is the first mobile app of Ukrainian classical music. The professional quality records and videos are accessible over in one touch. 

The first thing that blew my mind was the composers’ designs. I’m not an expert, but probably it was created in street art style. It’s lovely and modern. I guess if each significant person had such portraits we have remembered them; it could totally refresh the leading figures in the various areas.

Nevertheless, you can freely enjoy the early music in the app. It did my ears a favor. I fell in ecstasy as I caught the first notes of Stephania Turkevych’s symphony № 1 that was being conducted by Ivan Ostapovych.

Symphonist Borys Lyatoshynsky, avant-garde Stephania Turkevych, the choral genius Mykhaylo Verbytskyi, and more than 40 others key Ukrainian composers whose music is worth listening to in the ХХІst century. To find out more about the composers, history, and styles of Ukrainian music — you should go on the website:

In the ULClassic app you can:

  • to choose the tracks by the composers, styles, genres.
  • to listen to the configured playlists and albums
  • to save music and listen to it offline
  • to use “switch-to-audio” and your business 
  • to connect to the smart TV and to watch concerts at home.

Every composition in the mobile app is being defined by copyright; with the right owners were made a deal for free melodies using only inside the project’s frames.

One of the greatest advantages is that you will see none financed add in the program. Monetization of it will be acted through a donate system. Ukrainian culture foundation contributed to the app development.

The project is bilingual, the main version — in English. The Ukrainian Live Classic’s key goal is to reveal Ukrainian early music to the world.

“The Ukrainian music is a large sea of the interesting, original, unique and art accomplished masterpieces. Just during the years, the adverse circumstances have caused the general public don’t know about them almost anything,” said Ivan Ostapovych, the art director of the project.

March 14, 2021

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