Frozen Adventure

(humorous story)

Once upon a time, when winters were frosty not marshy, we came back from a party. Snowy evening, frost, and we were young and happy… Yippie! My friends ran and jumped into the ice puddles. The amusing crunch and laughter! Wow!

Suddenly, I saw a huge frozen puddle. “It will be mine,” yelled I and started running, imagining that it would be a fantastic crunch! The lightning jump and…ouch! Іt seemed to me that I was dead, however, it was too wet for death. “Tania! Tania! Are you alive?”, I heard someone’s voice and someone pulled me back. Іt took a few more minutes for me to recover. In short, I fell into a puddle of ice water and hit my head hard on a rock. So gorgeous! Not funny at all…

When I came home my mother asked: “What about your walking, dear?” My coat was dirty, boots were wet, and on my forehead grew a great bump. “It was a perfect evening!” answered me.

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