From Cinderella to Mermaid: How to Become a Princess?

“Remember you`re the one who can fill the world with sunshine”
(Snow White Princess)

Fairy tales and cartoons are part of our childhood life that we always keep in our hearts. And when we read fairy tales, we are likened to the main characters and we want to become them. So how to become a charming Disney princess?

  1. You need to read all the tales of Charles Perrot.
  2. Keep a diary with the habits of the princess: read books, learn languages, and play the piano.
  3. Choose your own special hairstyle that no other princess has.
  4. Play all the Disney Volta cartoons and choose your favorite princess.
  5. Find your particular and precious prince.
  6. Change your wardrobe: throw away all the rags and wear only pretty dresses.
  7. Cultivate a sense of dignity and kindness, tenderness and sincerity.
  8. Learn how to fly and soar on a magic carpet like Jasmine.
  9. Have comfort around you and learn how to speak household items like Belle.
  10. Learn how to understand birds and trees to be a princess even in the forest like Schneewittchen.
  11. Become skilled at cooking the most delicious cherry pie and vareniki.

And voila! If you follow all the tips and the main thing is the desire to become a princess – tomorrow your wish will come true! As Cinderella once said, “Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come shining through!”

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