To be Сorona be or not Corona be?

(ironic story)

A hobo Nikita decides to get imprisoned to avoid the winter chill. Firstly, he decided to steal a bunch of bananas from the market, but no one noticed stealing. Also, bananas were disgusting! Then he tried to attack an old woman, but she successfully hit him on the head with a bag.

He committed many petty crimes during the day, but was not arrested. Disappointed, he went for a walk around the city. Suddenly he heard a pleasant singing, which sounded from the local church. This wonderful melody filled his soul and struck his heart… “Tomorrow I’m going to look for a job, call my ex-wife and find new clothes. I will help my friends and go to church” – Nikita thought, wiping away tears.

Suddenly someone’s hand fell on his shoulder. А policeman was standing behind him. “Where is your mask?” asked him… “Emmm…You have been arrested for violating the mask mode,” said policeman…

Oh, sweaty dreams and bitter Corona-be-reality!

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